Saturday, 24 April 2010

It's been a while....

Well, I am now coming up to seven months old! Mum and Dad say I am getting to be a big girl. I've been so busy recently and time has flown by! My best day ever was a couple of weeks a go when I met loads of other ginger nuts! We all ran and ran and played and just went mad! I was the youngest and smallest there but everyone said I was lovely. I can't wait to go back in the summer!

I've also been going on lots of walks round some big farm fields where there are always birds to chase. Mum
is very impressed with my pointing... I don't really know why though! I just want to jump on the crows without them seeing me but they always fly off before I get the chance. I also enjoy having a sniff of the giant heap of stinky black stuff and sometime grab a mouthful on the way past... but Mum says I'm a disgusting animal for eating S***. Tastes ok to me!

This is a picture of me that Dad says makes me look very handsome. They say I'm a right poser.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas and New Year - now 13 weeks

Well what a busy couple of weeks its been for me! We went to Nanny Pats for Christmas and boy was I shattered by the end of it. They have two Jack Russels called Lucy and Toffee and they weren't very playful but I had fun chasing them and bouncing round them. We went for a walk to start with and I had my first taste of sheep poo... Mum and Dad went mad and said I was disgusting! Can't see whats wrong with that....

We came home on Boxing Day and I slept so much! I was knackered... think Mum and Dad thought this was great but i just could not keep my eyes open.

Then I met another dog at Dads brothers house on New Years eve. She was huge! She's a Lab called Lyric. I wanted to jump on her but she barked at me! Funny way to play but I barked back in excitment. Don't think my biting and jumping went down too well but there were too many hands to resist! Mum says she can't wait til i lose my shark teeth. I'm a dog stupid!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

A week has passed....

....and what a week! Mum and Dad keep telling me what clever girl I am. But they also call me a little monkey... I thought I was a dog! Very confusing. I have really got this sitting lark down to a T. And now I lay down and stay when i'm told cos I get a nice fuss or a treat!

Mum and Dad keep laughing at me too... not sure what's so funny. Things like when I bounce around the living room or chase leaves. Mum says I look like a kangaroo. What ever that is.

Today I went to the vet... I sat in the back of the car and Mum said what a good girl I was for being so quiet. I just wanted to have a nose out the window. Bubbles sat in the front and made a racket all the way there. Don't know what he was so worried about... I had the lady in the vet stick something up my bum!

Dad keeps saying how he can't wait til I have my jab. Thas not very nice I thought! But then he said its so I can go for walkies and chase more leaves! Hooray! I wonder what else I'll be able to chase?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Day 2

Well Mum and Dad were very pleased with me sleeping through from 11:30pm to 7:30am with only one trip to the loo.

I'm not eating a lot cos everything is still far to new and exciting! But I've doing lots of sitting because i keep getting treats and fuss! First of all Mum & Dad had to tell me what to do but now i just listen for the whistle and I know i'm in for something good!

Still not so keen on being in my crate... I howl my head off! But no-one pays me any attention!

I've also been outside in this horrible rain for loads of toilet trips. I really a
m not keen!

I think Mum is getting a bit fed up with me biting her wrists and hanging off her clothes. I think its great though! I clamp my teeth on and won't let go... think I better not do it too often cos I get a loud No! which makes me jump. I know I'm easily forgiven tho... I mean who could stay angry at me?

Saturday, 21 November 2009

My journey home and the first night/day

Well what an exciting time! Mum and Dad collected me yesterday from Gunfield and it was quite a strange experience travelling on the M1! I settled ok but felt a bit queezy... I think thats why i had to sit in the footwell for a few minutes!

I actually like my new home especially my bed which is really cozy. I was desperate to take myself off there for a sleep but Mum & Dad kept making me play!

I eventually slept for hours and woke up raring to go! Been playing for most of today but am feeling a bit dozy now. Mum keeps trying to take pictures but i don't sit still... i know she managed to get one of me sleeping! Off for a kip now, ready for some more action later.....

Oh by the way... I'm not keen on that Bubbles - he sits and stares at me! I just want to say hello!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Nearly home time!!!

Well, in two days I will be at my new home! Everything is prepared... I got weighed yesterday and I'm 4.15kg so Bubbles the cat will be bigger than me!

I hope my new family have some toys ready for me! And i'm sure they will be taking plenty of pictures to show everyone!